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Currie Genealogy & History

Currie is a locational name from the pre-seventh-century English word cweorn, meaning mill, thus the name of the villagers on the Curry River would have been people who lived by or worked at the mill. It also stems from the Gaelic word curraigh, meaning a marsh place and the Gaelic word coire ,indicating a cauldron (a round valley). Currie family history has Philip de Curry as the first known recording of the name in 1179 in a grant of lands in Kyle to the Abbey of Melrose. Some members of Currie genealogy include games developer Mark Currie; astronaut Nancy J. Currie; and Wisconsin Chief Justice George R. Currie.

Currie Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Evelyn Currie-- --, 1928March 10,2006IL
Baird Currie-- --, 1917April 11,2001WI
C Charles Currie-- --, 1952December 1,1990NM
Daisy Currie-- --, 1902July ,1977MD

Currie Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Earl Currie-- --, 1910February 19,1988Bridgeport,CT
Fairley Currie-- --, 1916July ,1982Crestview,FL
G David Currie-- --, 1920September 27,2000Livermore,CA
H Paul Currie-- --, 1922July 14,1997Lagrange,GA

Currie Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Allen CurrieJanette ElliotteJuly 10,1986Wake, NC
Boby CurrieShelly MorrisonOctober 8,1988Wake, NC
Cleveland CurrieCynthia StephensMarch 17,1990Wake, NC
David CurrieHelen WrightSeptember 5,1945Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Currie

1776th: Nugent1777th: Bledsoe
1778th: Lacey1779th: Huddleston
1780th: Darby1781st: Monahan
1782nd: Huynh1783rd: Hannah
1784th: Pack1785th: Brunner

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