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Cyr Genealogy & History

Cyr is a locational name for those who came from St. Cyr, France. It might also mean a descendant of Cyr, indicating a teacher. The coat of arms is gold shield with the center third red, with two red stars above and one below, with a wide azure band on the edge. Cyr family history tells us that Alexandre Cyr migrated to America in 1755 and settled in South Carolina. Two members of the Cyr genealogy are judo athlete Alain Cyr and strong man Louis Cyr.

Cyr Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A June Cyr-- --, 1930September 13,2009ME
Barbara Cyr-- --, 1913December ,1966MA
Callista Cyr-- --, 1917September 4,1998ME
Dale Cyr-- --, 1930December 7,2000OR

Cyr Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Earl Cyr-- --, 1919March 9,1993New Sweden,ME
Fabien Cyr-- --, 1913July 29,1999Van Buren,ME
Gabrielle Cyr-- --, 1914October ,1988Lowell,MA
Harland Cyr-- --, 1933November 7,2005Kingman,AZ

Cyr Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Paul CyrTeresa ModlinOctober 20,1984Wake, NC
Robert CyrJennifer KeyMarch 5,2006Wake, NC
Timothy CyrTheresa HazelJune 17,2000Harris, TX
Zyra CyrWilliam BeeversFebruary 23,1997Washoe, NV

Most Common Surnames After Cyr

2276th: Felton2277th: Gomes
2278th: Joy2279th: Nye
2280th: Salmon2281st: Wenzel
2282nd: Keefe2283rd: Rea
2284th: Linton2285th: Haywood

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