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Dailey Genealogy & History

The surname Dailey has two possible derivations. The more common is the Irish Gaelic surname, O'Dalaigh, indicating a descendant of Dalach. Dailey family history shows Dalach originating from "dal", assemblyman. The second possibility is French Huguenot and refers to locations in the Calvados region named "Oilly", in turn derived from the Gallic name Ollius or Ollium, meaning "strength of will". Daily genealogy shows spellings including Daley, Daily, Daly, Dolly, and Dawly. Fittingly for someone whose name means assemblyman, two family members played prominent roles in politics; Richard J. Daley and his son Richard M. Daley each served as mayor of the city of Chicago for many decades.

Dailey Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Kathryne Dailey-- --, 1914May 18,2007OH
Backmon Dailey-- --, 1903January ,1981SC
Caldonia Dailey-- --, 1905June ,1983TX
D Robert Dailey-- --, 1943May 4,1992WI

Dailey Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Eugene Dailey-- --, 1902March 15,1987Corpus Christi,TX
F Elizabet Dailey-- --, 1917April 5,2001Indianapolis,IN
Gaile Dailey-- --, 1916January 14,1996Peoria,IL
H Robert Dailey-- --, 1920October ,1996Decatur,AL

Dailey Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Jack DaileyDorothy HughesDecember 24,1946Wake, NC
Richard DaileyPatricia OrumDecember 22,1962Wake, NC
Leif DaileyAnne PriceJune 26,1982Wake, NC
Woodrow DaileyCassie WestphalenAugust 4,2003Smith, TX

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934th: Hyde935th: Dodd
936th: Odom937th: Holman
938th: Cherry939th: Bloom
940th: McLeod941st: Muller
942nd: Dale943rd: Sweet

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