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Daniel Genealogy & History

The surname Daniel originated from the Hebrew given name Daniel, which means, "God is my judge." The name may have referred to the Old Testament Daniel, whom a lion refused to eat because of Daniel's prior kindness to the animal. The Daniel family history shows that this given name was adopted as a surname by many soldiers upon their return from the Crusades to show that they had fought in the name of their religion. There are dozens of alternative spellings in many European countries as diverse as Russia, Spain, and Estonia. Two of these alternative spellings are Daniels and Danielli. Daniel genealogy includes American liquor maker Jack Daniel.

Daniel Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Frank Daniel-- --, 1934October 17,1999OK
B Hutson Daniel-- --, 1916November 7,2002DC
C Virginia Daniel-- --, 1924September 2,1995MO
D Loryne Daniel-- --, 1924January 4,2001GA

Daniel Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Alston Daniel-- --, 1964February 29,2004Washington,NC
F Sharon Daniel-- --, 1928April 9,2010Grants Pass,OR
George Daniel-- --, 1920July 26,2010Cuthbert,GA
H James Daniel-- --, 1928November 17,2003Kenosha,WI

Daniel Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Charlie DanielMaggie WilsonMarch 6,1948Wake, NC
David DanielDebroah StephensJanuary 14,1972Wake, NC
Elvin DanielEunice OliveSeptember 9,1948Wake, NC
Frederick DanielDorothy YearlySeptember 30,1941Wake, NC

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360th: Cruz361st: Flynn
362nd: Hammond363rd: Harrington
364th: Ortiz365th: Barton
366th: Dennis367th: Love

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