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Darby Genealogy & History

Darby stems from the Old Norse compound word djur + bry, denoting deer and farm or the hunting preserve. Some of the different spellings include Darbishire, Derbei, Deoraby, Derbie, Darbie, Derby, and Derbyshire. The family motto is howsoever it shall have pleased God. Darby family history has Roger de Derby as the first known recording of the family name in the Register of Antiquities, Lincolnshire, England from 1160-1182. Among members of Darby genealogy are found journalist and newscaster Tom Darby; Plymouth Brethren leader, Darbyite founder, and Darby Bible translator John Nelson Darby; and sailboard inventor Newman Darby.

Darby Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Nathan Darby-- --, 1914April 19,2006TX
Barbara Darby-- --, 1911March ,1982MA
C Wailes Darby-- --, 1928May 29,2010DC
Daisy Darby-- --, 1896January ,1994SC

Darby Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Edna Darby-- --, 1924February 24,2008Vineland,NJ
Fairy Darby-- --, 1926April 4,2010Tupelo,MS
Gail Darby-- --, 1916February 15,2009Vancouver,WA
Hall Darby-- --, 1893September ,1970Senatobia,MS

Darby Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Fred DarbyCorlotta GrayAugust 10,1933Wake, NC
Kenneth DarbySusan ShieldsAugust 26,1966Wake, NC
Rodney DarbyMichele MulhollandMay 30,1975Wake, NC
Nathan DarbyLee McdougaldMay 15,2002Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Darby

1781st: Monahan1782nd: Huynh
1783rd: Hannah1784th: Pack
1785th: Brunner1786th: Lucero
1787th: Bagley1788th: Wesley
1789th: Faust1790th: Stacy

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