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Darling Genealogy & History

Darling is an English and Scottish name. It is derived from the Middle English word derling, itself derived from the Old English word deorling, which mean beloved one (from the word deor, meaning dear or beloved). This likely began as a nickname but soon became a personal name and then a surname. Darling family history is first recorded with Aelmaer Deorlingc (an alternate spelling) in 1016; early Darlings were also found living in Derbyshire. Darling genealogy includes Jay Norwood Darling, who won the Pulitzer Prize for his editorial cartoons. The Darling family motto is Deo donum, which means a gift from God.

Darling Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Bennett Darling-- --, 1915July ,1983PA
Barbara Darling-- --, 1946April 26,2007MD
C Jane Darling-- --, 1923June 5,1991IL
Dagma Darling-- --, 1896October ,1982SD

Darling Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Louise Darling-- --, 1923May 18,2004Lake Havasu City,AZ
F Fred Darling-- --, 1915November 20,1987Folsom,WV
Gail Darling-- --, 1927October ,1978Chicago,IL
H James Darling-- --, 1925May 22,1995Sun Valley,NV

Darling Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Brian DarlingSuzanne SzaboNovember 16,1986Wake, NC
Peter DarlingPatricia PerdueJune 14,1968Wake, NC
Mikell DarlingSharon SandlingApril 15,1972Wake, NC
Wiley DarlingSue SanfordApril 25,2004Wise, TX

Most Common Surnames After Darling

1596th: Moseley1597th: Cabrera
1598th: Dietrich1599th: Fagan
1600th: Hurt1601st: Betts
1602nd: Kiser1603rd: Street
1604th: Christie1605th: Sorenson

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