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Daugherty family history shows that this surname is of Irish extraction. Daugherty genealogy indicates that the name originated from O'Dochartaigh and means son of Doctarach, which was derived from the Gaelic "dochartach", meaning obstructive, not loving, or hurtful. There are many spelling variations of this name, such as Doherty, Dougherty, Doharty, and Dockharty. The spelling Daugherty first appeared in Donaghcloney in County Down in 1847 when it recorded the marriage of James Daugherty to Jane Scott. Famous people with this surname include Brad Daugherty, a retired basketball player for the University of North Carolina and the NBA's Cleveland Cavaliers, currently a NASCAR analyst for ESPN.

Daugherty Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Frances Daugherty-- --, 1924February 9,1989MO
Bailey Daugherty-- --, 1881February ,1973TX
C Wilson Daugherty-- --, 1918November ,1995MO
D Rufus Daugherty-- --, 1916June 17,1997WV

Daugherty Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Bloxom Daugherty-- --, 1917June 17,1988Delmar,DE
Fairy Daugherty-- --, 1911September 8,1999Anderson,IN
Gail Daugherty-- --, 1923February 17,2006Bishop,CA
H Romaine Daugherty-- --, 1915March 27,1998York,PA

Daugherty Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Anthony DaughertyLorraine WelchNovember 11,1969Wake, NC
Jack DaughertyEunice ElroseDecember 17,1946Wake, NC
Leamon DaughertyVirginia DaughertyDecember 18,2003Wake, NC
William DaughertyLena HerringMay 12,2001Comal, TX

Most Common Surnames After Daugherty

802nd: Burch803rd: David
804th: Horne805th: Barron
806th: Gaines807th: Osborn
808th: Donaldson809th: Stern
810th: Rosen811th: Richter

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