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Davison Genealogy & History

Davison is a patronymic surname from the Hebrew name David, which itself comes from Dodaveha, meaning beloved of Jehovah. Like many names relating to the Bible, it became more popular during and after the Crusades, when many warriors and their relatives took new names to reflect their great religious endeavor. Davison family history enters the books with Thomas Davyson, added to the Subsidy Rolls of Yorkshire in 1327. Some famous members of Davison genealogy are prominent philanthropist and Red Cross co-founder Henry Davison, former New Zealand Chief Justice Ronald Davison, US Army four-star General Michael Shannon Davison, and Miss World 2003 Rosanna Davison.

Davison Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Howard Davison-- --, 1917December 2,1999ME
Barbara Davison-- --, 1916August ,1972VT
C Marie Davison-- --, 1914October ,1985NV
D Jean Davison-- --, 1931April 21,2003CO

Davison Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Ross Davison-- --, 1925March 28,2008New Cumberland,PA
Fairy Davison-- --, 1890April ,1976Fort Lauderdale,FL
G Ray Davison-- --, 1926August 2,2001Tullahoma,TN
H Allen Davison-- --, 1925November 22,2003Maquoketa,IA

Davison Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Chris DavisonChristine DeeryJune 2,1991Wake, NC
David DavisonSuzanne ThurlowSeptember 26,1992Wake, NC
John DavisonIla HodgesMay 14,1978Wake, NC
Robert DavisonPaula HinshawDecember 20,1980Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Davison

1281st: Painter1282nd: Reece
1283rd: Hand1284th: Swain
1285th: Hinkle1286th: Whitfield
1287th: Tillman1288th: Jacobsen
1289th: Griggs1290th: Gunter

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