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De Luca Genealogy & History

De Luca is an ancient Italian name that stems from the Latin first name Lucas or the Greek Loucas. It became very favored in the Middle Ages due to St. Luke the Evangelist. Some of its many spellings are Luchini, Luchetti, Luchetta, Lucco, Lucchi, Luccarini, Lucattini, Lucas, Lucariello, and Lucantoni. De Luca family history holds that the name was first found in Barletta, Italy, in 1340, when Ludivico Luca was governor. Some of the members of De Luca genealogy are movie producer Michael DeLuca; Dean & DeLuca gourmet store co-founder Giorgio DeLuca; and Subway franchise co-founder and billionaire Fred DeLuca.

De Luca Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Adolf De Luca-- --, 1930November ,1978NY
Barbara De Luca-- --, 1941March 20,2001CO
Carlo De Luca-- --, 1912June 18,1988CA
Darrol De Luca-- --, 1913October ,1985CA

De Luca Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Edith De Luca-- --, 1926August 27,2002Southbury,CT
Fernando De Luca-- --, 1916July 8,1994Braintree,MA
Genoeffa De Luca-- --, 1899April 6,1999Winter Garden,FL
Helen De Luca-- --, 1915December 2,2007Bergenfield,NJ

De Luca Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Domonic De LucaKelly BrillSeptember 2,2000FRANKLIN, OH
Kenneth De LucaVictori Van AllenJanuary 22,2000FRANKLIN, OH
Michael De LucaAngela LindseyJanuary 14,1991CUYAHOGA, OH
Tracy De LucaCandace SporlederOctober 21,2000FRANKLIN, OH

Most Common Surnames After De Luca

1851st: Burkhart1852nd: Ring
1853rd: Hough1854th: Leary
1855th: Craven1856th: Staples
1857th: Hare1858th: Hillman
1859th: Whiting1860th: Donohue

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