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De Witt Genealogy & History

De Witt is a Dutch surname, from the Old German hwita, meaning white. In fact, De Witt itself is largely just a variation of the surname White and is particularly popular in the Netherlands. It was probably used as an ethnic pejorative by the Germanic tribes against Norse and Viking invaders, who had fairer hair and skin. In any case, De Witt family history went to the New World with Tierck Claase De Witt, who sailed to the New Netherlands (now New York and New England) in 1620. De Witt genealogy includes award-winning physicist Bryce De Witt and cartographer Simeon De Witt.

De Witt Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Gardner De Witt-- --, 1926June 4,2007KY
Bernice De Witt-- --, 1917July ,1984IL
Carl De Witt-- --, 1919January 23,2007OH
Dale De Witt-- --, 1922November 26,2009CA

De Witt Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Edith De Witt-- --, 1920October 24,1999Lake Elsinore,CA
Felice De Witt-- --, 1904December 18,1997New York,NY
Herbert De Witt-- --, 1903May ,1989Blythe,CA
Ida De Witt-- --, 1907February ,1972Malibu,CA

De Witt Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
William De WittPatricia DruryChelan County, WA
Steven De WittRenee SekoFebruary 5,2005CUYAHOGA, OH
Justin De WittAmee RohrerJune 15,2002FRANKLIN, OH
Michael De WittMarcia NewsomApril 27,2002FRANKLIN, OH

Most Common Surnames After De Witt

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1112th: Trujillo1113th: Pollock
1114th: Coffman1115th: Goss
1116th: Beatty1117th: McManus
1118th: Dillard1119th: Bruno

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