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Deaton Genealogy & History

Deaton family history shows this name to be of English and Irish origin. It is a locational name derived from the town of Deighton in Yorkshire, where the family seat is located. The word Deighton is derived from the Old English dic, meaning dike, and the suffix tun, meaning a settlement, and describes a town surrounded by a dike. Alternative spellings include Deighton and Dayton. The first known recording of the name belongs to Thomas de Dicton in Yorkshire in 1206. According to Deaton genealogy, the first family member to come to America was Wm Deaton, who arrived in Virginia in 1651.

Deaton Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Deaton-- --, 1924November ,1969NC
Baldos Deaton-- --, 1911March 4,1991NC
Callie Deaton-- --, 1911December ,1995NC
Dagny Deaton-- --, 1915September ,1988MN

Deaton Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Ruth Deaton-- --, 1925December 8,1997Lombard,IL
Falvie Deaton-- --, 1902July ,1974Groveton,TX
Gail Deaton-- --, 1913March ,1987Stoneville,NC
Hacker Deaton-- --, 1910March ,1979La Follette,TN

Deaton Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Billy DeatonAgnes RoyDecember 10,1949Wake, NC
Charles DeatonJane ConnerMarch 9,1985Wake, NC
John DeatonArdelle WellsJune 26,1942Wake, NC
Mark DeatonMeneta PhillipsAugust 20,1988Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Deaton

2192nd: Santana2193rd: Lawton
2194th: Ellsworth2195th: Stock
2196th: Rust2197th: Christianson
2198th: Dewey2199th: Slack
2200th: Epps2201st: Ferrara

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