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Dempsey Genealogy & History

Dempsey is an Irish/English name, with two derivations. The once-powerful Irish clan owned Clanmalier (now Leix and Offally Counties), with Terence O'Dempsey titled Viscount Clanmalier by James I; however, centuries later the clan lost the lands due to loyalty to the British crown. In Gaelic, the name O'Diomasaigh derived from diomasach, meaning proud. The English Dempsey family history is thought to be from a now-lost medieval village called Demsey (dembel meaning lake and eg meaning island). Other variations in Dempsey genealogy are Demsay, Dempse, Dempsie, and O'Dempsey. Famous name-holders include General Dempsey, commander of the British D-Day forces, and Jack Dempsey, world heavyweight boxing titleholder 1919-1926.

Dempsey Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Dempsey-- --, 1903March ,1976VA
Barbara Dempsey-- --, 1913January 27,2004MA
C Margaret Dempsey-- --, 1919July 17,2002DC
Dail Dempsey-- --, 1924July 20,2006CO

Dempsey Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Roff Dempsey-- --, 1928April 13,2005Whitesboro,NY
Faith Dempsey-- --, 1981February 16,2007Green Bay,WI
G Sue Dempsey-- --, 1939May 4,1995Fairfax,VA
Hallie Dempsey-- --, 1907May 2,1988Bluff City,TN

Dempsey Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Scott DempseySandra BoyerJuly 27,1961Wake, NC
Michael DempseyGeraldine KeeneyAugust 14,1970Wake, NC
Joseph DempseyTheresa BuntingDecember 3,1982Wake, NC
Kevin DempseyJennifer JordanMarch 1,1997Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Dempsey

1037th: Dominguez1038th: Locke
1039th: Schafer1040th: Alvarado
1041st: Fish1042nd: Webber
1043rd: Abrams1044th: Rutherford
1045th: Simons1046th: Hilton

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