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Dick Genealogy & History

Dick is a British name, occurring in all three major nations of the United Kingdom. It is a diminutive of Richard, a very common baptismal name around the time of the Norman invasion, and comes from the Old German name Richard, from ric, meaning power or will, and hard, for brave or strong. Dick family history enters the books with Richard Dic, entered in the Pipe Rolls of Colchester somewhere around 1250. Dick genealogy lays claim to quite a few well-known people, such as Bombay governor George Dick, science fiction author Philip K. Dick, and Ohio Senator Charles Dick.

Dick Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Kenneth Dick-- --, 1917February 24,2004PA
Back Dick-- --, 1906March ,1988IN
C Alfred Dick-- --, 1922September 24,2007TN
Daisy Dick-- --, 1893June ,1972WV

Dick Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Coleman Dick-- --, 1909April 23,1990Pebble Beach,CA
Faith Dick-- --, 1936September 21,2004Warm Springs,OR
Gail Dick-- --, 1952December 20,1999Fitchburg,MA
H Lenox Dick-- --, 1916January 24,2008Vancouver,WA

Dick Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Bernard DickShanda ForemanJune 1,2002Collin, TX
Christopher DickValerie PadgettMay 13,2000Tarrant, TX
David DickJessica CabellAugust 18,2001Smith, TX
George DickHelen HettlerJuly 19,1946Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Dick

1366th: Harden1367th: Sheldon
1368th: Cummins1369th: Waddell
1370th: Bassett1371st: Christiansen
1372nd: Burks1373rd: Keenan
1374th: Edmonds1375th: Sheets

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