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Dickey Genealogy & History

Dickey is an English and Scottish name. It was originally derived from Dick, which is a nickname for the given name Richard (as is still true today). Richard itself was derived from the Germanic words Ric (meaning power) and hard (meaning brave or strong). Interestingly, Richard gained use in England only after the Norman Invasion. Dickey family history seems to begin in Renfrewshire and Staffordshire, where the family held a seat for centuries. Dickey genealogy includes the popular American writer Eric Jerome Dickey. The Dickey coat of arms is an ermine pattern with a gold leopard's head on a black cross.

Dickey Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Dickey-- --, 1958February 8,1999DE
Bailey Dickey-- --, 1908May 23,1994TX
Cal Dickey-- --, 1887May ,1974TX
D Allen Dickey-- --, 1917March 3,2004TN

Dickey Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Howard Dickey-- --, 1914January 30,1999Amarillo,TX
Faith Dickey-- --, 1977December 23,2006Virginia Beach,VA
Gail Dickey-- --, 1904July 23,2002Winamac,IN
H Michael Dickey-- --, 1944October 31,2004Saint Cloud,MN

Dickey Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Alexander DickeyShirley PhilpotApril 10,1967Wake, NC
Conrad DickeyBetty PetersMarch 5,1965Wake, NC
Edwin DickeySally PittmanDecember 23,1938Wake, NC
Forrest DickeyJuanita BellJuly 2,2004Harris, TX

Most Common Surnames After Dickey

1168th: Kraft1169th: Miranda
1170th: Stover1171st: Meredith
1172nd: Padgett1173rd: Clement
1174th: McCauley1175th: Sprague
1176th: Grossman1177th: Winkler

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