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Dietz Genealogy & History

Dietz genealogy is German, first appearing in the Middle Ages. It is a diminuitive of the Germanic given name Theodoric, which derives from theudo (meaning race or people) and ric (meaning power). As a surname, Dietz is first seen in the sixteenth century at Sachsen in the baptismal record of one Maria Dietz. A Dietz family crest depicts two golden lions on a shield of red, each with a single front paw raised. Dietz family history includes German war painter Feodor Dietz, American science fiction author William C. Dietz, Dutch computer scientist Jean Leonardus Dietz, and American playwright Steven Dietz.

Dietz Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Virginia Dietz-- --, 1923August 1,2008NJ
B Elaine Dietz-- --, 1926March 11,2005PA
C Robert Dietz-- --, 1926January 6,2000MO
Daisey Dietz-- --, 1920August ,1984CA

Dietz Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Louise Dietz-- --, 1920January 4,2002Panorama City,CA
Fae Dietz-- --, 1905January ,1976Davenport,IA
G Donald Dietz-- --, 1925November 25,1994Carlisle,PA
H Joseph Dietz-- --, 1929September 21,2007Fort Lauderdale,FL

Dietz Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Harry DietzDiane McquadeDecember 12,1969Wake, NC
Robert DietzScottie CurrinOctober 20,2001Wake, NC
Victor DietzSandra AmesAugust 23,1978Potter, TX
Peter DietzPatricia WallaceMay 25,1974Harris, TX

Most Common Surnames After Dietz

1408th: Lovell1409th: Beyer
1410th: Kahn1411th: Epstein
1412th: Lockwood1413th: McGraw
1414th: Lacy1415th: Abraham
1416th: Flaherty1417th: Trevino

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