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Dobson Genealogy & History

Dobson is an English-Scottish patronyic name meaning son of Dobbe, a pet-name for Robert, from the Germanic Hrodebert. Derived from Old German hrod (renown) and berht (famous), Robert was a popular medieval name, and Dobb itself was a popular surname, especially in Northern England. Dobson genealogy includes variations Dobbins, Dobbison, Dobsaun, and Dobsone. Dobson family history dates from feudal times in Lancashire, with the Dobson surname also found in Scotland and particularly in Leitrim county in Ireland. English 19th-century architect John Dobson is said to be the pioneer of the modern Gothic revival. The first Dobson immigrant to the New World settled in Virginia in 1638.

Dobson Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Charles Dobson-- --, 1921December 11,2008SC
Bailey Dobson-- --, 1900December ,1966FL
C Homer Dobson-- --, 1922August 22,2004PA
Daisey Dobson-- --, 1912August ,1991AL

Dobson Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Maxene Dobson-- --, 1924February 10,1999Conneautville,PA
Faneda Dobson-- --, 1915August 9,2001Cottonwood,AZ
Garfield Dobson-- --, 1880June ,1974Macon,GA
H Kenneth Dobson-- --, 1917December 14,1993Brookville,PA

Dobson Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Anthony DobsonMelissa LeverettOctober 13,2001Walker, TX
Bruce DobsonBarbara StanleyJuly 6,2002San Jacinto, TX
Charles DobsonJanice EdwardsMay 12,2002Angelina, TX
David DobsonAnnette ErwinApril 14,2000Montgomery, TX

Most Common Surnames After Dobson

1567th: Bateman1568th: Blue
1569th: Colon1570th: Westbrook
1571st: Dill1572nd: Ulrich
1573rd: Goldsmith1574th: Rhoades
1575th: Schwab1576th: Benoit

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