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Donovan Genealogy & History

The surname Donovan originated in Ireland. Donovan family history shows that the name is derived from "O'Donnabhain", which means "descendant of Donndubhan." Donndubhan comes from a combination of "donn", which means dark, and "dubh", which means brown or black. Put together, the name means dark brown or dark-haired. Donovan genealogy lists several alternative spellings, including Donavon, Donavan, Donevin, Donovon, and Donevon. Famous Donovans include Landon Donovan, a professional soccer player for the Los Angeles Galaxy; Ann Donovan, a member of the gold-medal-winning 1984 and 1988 United States women's Olympic basketball teams; and Scottish singer-songwriter Donovan, famous for the song Mr. Tambourine Man.

Donovan Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Abbie Donovan-- --, 1883June ,1970MA
Barbara Donovan-- --, 1920February 1,2007MA
C Esther Donovan-- --, 1897January ,1983MI
D Blanche Donovan-- --, 1904February 8,2007KS

Donovan Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Jeanne Donovan-- --, 1927February 27,2007Framingham,MA
F Jack Donovan-- --, 1916July 17,1992Atlanta,GA
G Patrick Donovan-- --, 1927September 25,2009Cary,NC
H Arthur Donovan-- --, 1915June 24,2010Rochester,NY

Donovan Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Bruce DonovanPatty BullockJune 9,1974Wake, NC
David DonovanS JurneyFebruary 1,1948Wake, NC
Edward DonovanAnna ReynoldsJune 11,2005Wake, NC
Francis DonovanDorothy KozakiewiczOctober 11,1963Wake, NC

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603rd: Conway604th: Katz
605th: Roberson606th: Johns
607th: Hull608th: Peck
609th: Castro610th: Goldstein

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