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Dooley Genealogy & History

Dooley is a famous Irish surname. The original Gaelic O'Dubhlaoich means male descendant of the Dark Hero, a reference to the first chief of the clan. It is not clear if they were Celtic or Breton; early references to comer-ins suggest Bretons. Dooley family history dates from feudal times in Westmeath, where they held a family seat and were known as the lords of Fertullagh. The lions on the crest and coat of arms signify great warrior/chief. The first Dooley in America was Lawrence Dooley in New England in 1774, with Dooley emigration to Australia as well. Dooley genealogy includes James Dooley, premier of New South Wales.

Dooley Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Mark Dooley-- --, 1918August 9,2000VA
Banie Dooley-- --, 1896June ,1969VA
C Harry Dooley-- --, 1948June 23,1996FL
Daisy Dooley-- --, 1932December 5,2002MI

Dooley Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Earl Dooley-- --, 1924January 1,2001Hebron,OH
F Stuart Dooley-- --, 1924June 18,1994Newton,NJ
Gabe Dooley-- --, 1921August 24,2003La Grange,TX
H James Dooley-- --, 1931April 2,2002Littleton,CO

Dooley Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Adam DooleyMelissa GonzalesSeptember 22,2001Coryell, TX
Benjamin DooleyMaria VegaSeptember 15,2000Walker, TX
Charles DooleyMarti HamptonApril 8,1988Wake, NC
David DooleyKelly MccalmontNovember 19,2000Tarrant, TX

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1191st: Burris1192nd: Ames
1193rd: Groves1194th: Stahl
1195th: Lam1196th: Rosenthal
1197th: Nicholas1198th: Elkins

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