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Dorman Genealogy & History

Dorman stems from Old English deora, meaning beloved, as well as from deor, meaning wild or aggressive. The family coat of arms is an azure shield with three silver leopard heads facing forward, two above and one below. Dorman family history mentions Richard Dering circa 1250 as the first known spelling of the name in the Cartularium Monasterii de Rameseia, Norfolk, England. Some members of the Dorman genealogy are cultural anthropologist, epigraphist, and philologist Peter Dorman and US Army interpreter Isaiah Dorman.

Dorman Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Dorman-- --, 1932May 9,2000LA
Barbara Dorman-- --, 1912June 20,1993PA
Cal Dorman-- --, 1892April ,1968FL
Daisy Dorman-- --, 1908July ,1968CA

Dorman Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Earl Dorman-- --, 1888November ,1969Reading,PA
F Ray Dorman-- --, 1917July 30,2006Orlando,FL
Gabrielle Dorman-- --, 1921September ,1980Saint Petersburg,FL
Herman Dorman-- --, 1925March 15,2010Ira,TX

Dorman Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Billy DormanDebbie HoneycuttJuly 9,1982Wake, NC
Charles DormanGayle PageMay 12,1979Wake, NC
David DormanEllen RogersJuly 10,1977Wake, NC
Freddie DormanFreda FugateOctober 29,2002Crosby, TX

Most Common Surnames After Dorman

2368th: Laws2369th: Ragsdale
2370th: Mayberry2371st: Hyman
2372nd: Lemon2373rd: Lu
2374th: Merchant2375th: Brink
2376th: Newberry2377th: Edgar

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