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Dotson Genealogy & History

Dotson is a variant spelling of Dodson, an English patronymic surname from the Middle English Dodde or Dudde, itself from the Old English Dodda or Dudda, descending from the Old German dudd or dodd, meaning something rounded and indicating a short, stout man, or maybe a bald man, from dod, which meant to make bare or cut off. Dotson family history starts with Aluinus Dodeson, enrolled in the Domesday Book of Hertfordshire in 1086. Well-known members of Dotson genealogy include award-winning NBC journalist Bob Dotson, former Green Bay Packers tackle Earl Dotson, and Buffalo Bills defensive end Lionel Dotson.

Dotson Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Dotson-- --, 1915April ,1973NY
Barbara Dotson-- --, 1970April 13,2006OH
C Edwin Dotson-- --, 1925April 12,1989OH
D Dale Dotson-- --, 1932November 27,2007MO

Dotson Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Earl Dotson-- --, 1943November 17,2004Mohawk,WV
F Faye Dotson-- --, 1919April 15,2007Columbus,OH
Gadi Dotson-- --, 1910June ,1980Saint Louis,MO
H Lamar Dotson-- --, 1920October 4,1991Dublin,OH

Dotson Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Brian DotsonBetsy GerouldMarch 28,2008Wake, NC
Charles DotsonShirley MaloneJuly 9,2000Harris, TX
Donald DotsonSusan ChassonJune 28,1975Wake, NC
Edwin DotsonLynda ParkerJune 10,2000Deaf Smith, TX

Most Common Surnames After Dotson

1065th: Talley1066th: Silver
1067th: Dye1068th: Rossi
1069th: Holley1070th: Kay
1071st: Courtney1072nd: Kimball
1073rd: Woodruff1074th: Crow

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