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Doty Genealogy & History

Doty is an English surname, from the Anglo-Saxon word doughty or doti, meaning tough or brave. It belongs to the class of surnames coming from nicknames, in this case a particularly favorable nickname, as opposed to the profession, town, or geographical feature near a person's dwelling place. Doty family history comes to the New World with Edward Doty, who sailed to Massachusetts in 1620. Some members of Doty genealogy are Utah and Wisconsin territorial Governor James Doty, widely-published olfactory neuroscientist and University of Pennsylvania professor and research center director Richard Doty, and 1962 airplane suicide bomber Thomas Doty.

Doty Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Clayton Doty-- --, 1937June 25,1988IL
B Frances Doty-- --, 1915February 25,1997MO
C Edwin Doty-- --, 1929September 15,1989ID
D Audine Doty-- --, 1926September 15,2003TX

Doty Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Gordon Doty-- --, 1925June 13,2010Austin,TX
Fae Doty-- --, 1907April ,1987Woodward,IA
G Gerald Doty-- --, 1918September 20,1992Lexington,NY
H Dean Doty-- --, 1924January 27,1996Pico Rivera,CA

Doty Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Billy DotyMary NauertJanuary 1,2000Stonewall, TX
David DotyStacey MckinneyOctober 3,2001Bexar, TX
Robert DotyMargaret ChristensenMarch 18,1946Wake, NC
Michael DotyJeanne SuggJune 22,1974Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Doty

1522nd: Redmond1523rd: Neumann
1524th: Raines1525th: Fitch
1526th: Robles1527th: Castle
1528th: Velasquez1529th: Altman
1530th: Irvin1531st: Carmichael

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