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Douglass Genealogy & History

Douglass is an ancient and important name from Scotland; it stems from the old Gaelic words dubh (dark) and glas (a rivulet or stream). The Douglass family settled in the land of Douglas near Glasgow. Douglass family history records that the name can be spelled as Douglas, Douglass, Dougliss, Dougless, Dowglas, Duglas, and Duglass. William de Duglas is the earliest example of the name, found in 1175 in the Records of Kelso Abbey, Roxburghshire. Charles Douglas settled in New Jersey in 1685. Among members of the Douglass genealogy are American baseball player Klondike Douglass and American sound engineer and laugh track inventor Charles Douglass.

Douglass Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Douglass-- --, 1885January ,1977TN
Barbara Douglass-- --, 1924August ,1978NH
C Roy Douglass-- --, 1926August 2,1991NJ
Dagmar Douglass-- --, 1936September 4,2002AR

Douglass Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Revay Douglass-- --, 1916April 7,2008Othello,WA
Fannie Douglass-- --, 1886December 15,1972Augusta,ME
Gail Douglass-- --, 1946December 31,2001Wilmington,IL
H Marvin Douglass-- --, 1923December 7,2006Wichita,KS

Douglass Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Brandon DouglassSarah RaySeptember 26,2008Wake, NC
Charles DouglassRachel FrankJuly 27,1975Wake, NC
David DouglassNorma CampbellMay 23,2003Wake, NC
Edward DouglassElma BrinkleyMarch 31,2000Harris, TX

Most Common Surnames After Douglass

1823rd: St. John1824th: Lovett
1825th: Gruber1826th: Rapp
1827th: Corey1828th: Power
1829th: Hummel1830th: McDonnell
1831st: Prater1832nd: Ennis

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