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Dowell Genealogy & History

Dowell is a Scottish and Irish name. It is an anglicized form derived from dubh, which means black, and gall, which means stranger. The name was often given to dark-haired Danish Vikings. Alternative spellings include Dougal, Dougill, Dowall, and Doyle. The Scottish version of the Dowell family crest portrays a silver lion rampant on a blue field. The first recorded spelling in Dowell family history belongs to Dufgal filius Mocche at St. Serf's Island in Loch Leven, Scotland, in the year 1128. Dowell genealogy includes early immigrants Bridget Dowell and her son William, who sailed to the United States from Ireland via Liverpool in 1847.

Dowell Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Yates Dowell-- --, 1896May ,1970DC
Babe Dowell-- --, 1913February 12,1991OK
Callie Dowell-- --, 1920July 1,1997TN
Daisy Dowell-- --, 1947August 28,1995WV

Dowell Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Carolyn Dowell-- --, 1928August 27,2003Ocoee,FL
F Paul Dowell-- --, 1937April 20,2005Nashville,IN
G Edward Dowell-- --, 1920July 9,2006Richmond,IN
Hal Dowell-- --, 1903May 24,1988Mount Vernon,MO

Dowell Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Adam DowellJessyka RusseyJune 25,2000Hopkins, TX
Bennie DowellKathryn KnepperApril 1,2000Harris, TX
Darren DowellRosanna ManonAugust 10,1991Wake, NC
Edwin DowellRuby FowlerJune 25,1972Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Dowell

2167th: Escobar2168th: London
2169th: Willett2170th: Salter
2171st: Pickering2172nd: Toney
2173rd: Christy2174th: Shank
2175th: Ricks2176th: Lyle

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