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Duarte Genealogy & History

Duarte is a Portuguese and Spanish surname, the equivalent of the English Edward, meaning protector of the land. Duarte and Edward are both Old German in origin, the latter from the close relation of Germany to the British Isles and the former from the occupation of Iberia by the Germanic Visigoth tribe during the eighth to tenth centuries. Duarte family history comes to the New World with Gregorio Duarte, who sailed to Panama in 1535. Duarte genealogy includes El Salvador President Jose Duarte and Dominican Republic founding father Juan Pablo Duarte y Diez.

Duarte Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Abel Duarte-- --, 1924March 28,2002MA
Bacilio Duarte-- --, 1923May ,1981CA
C Elsie Duarte-- --, 1923January 15,2002FL
Daisy Duarte-- --, 1935October 14,2000NY

Duarte Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Earl Duarte-- --, 1927September ,1983Napa,CA
Fancisca Duarte-- --, 1909June ,1986San Juan Bautista,CA
Gabina Duarte-- --, 1914June 27,2007El Paso,TX
Harlan Duarte-- --, 1929April 24,2010North Port,FL

Duarte Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Bruce DuarteMary AustinDecember 1,1979Wake, NC
Jaime DuarteKristine SerranoNovember 4,1994Wake, NC
Schuyler DuarteChristine WoodsJune 7,2003Wake, NC
Marcos DuarteYvonne VasquezOctober 27,2000Elpaso, TX

Most Common Surnames After Duarte

2403rd: Denney2404th: Sommers
2405th: Leahy2406th: Ayres
2407th: Pepper2408th: Patten
2409th: Thrasher2410th: Wheatley
2411th: Killian2412th: Redman

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