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Duff Genealogy & History

Duff is a Scottish and Irish Gaelic surname, from the Gaelic word dubh, meaning dark or black, which in turn comes from the Old Gaelic dub. It was often used as a given name either alone or as a compound and as a nickname for someone with dark hair or skin or a sour-faced man. Duff family history starts in 1275, when Duncan Duff was registered as a witness in the Charters of the Priory of Beauly. Duff genealogy lays claim to a few notable people, such as actress and model Hilary Duff, Pennsylvania Governor and Senator James Duff, and former MI5 Director General Antony Duff.

Duff Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Duff-- --, 1920March ,1987KY
B Eileen Duff-- --, 1926December 8,1998PA
C Joyce Duff-- --, 1929January 31,1999PA
Daisy Duff-- --, 1898October ,1974TN

Duff Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Earl Duff-- --, 1916August 9,1988Cabot,PA
Fannie Duff-- --, 1884November ,1986Ferris,TX
Gail Duff-- --, 1915April ,1979Patterson,IA
H Linnea Duff-- --, 1913April 21,2010Olympia,WA

Duff Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Barry DuffCynthia BoydSeptember 22,2001Marion, TX
Christopher DuffKimberly StephensonFebruary 10,2001Wake, NC
Dale DuffRebecca CooglerSeptember 15,2000Grimes, TX
Eddie DuffElizabeth MoreheadDecember 29,2001Hardin, TX

Most Common Surnames After Duff

1713th: Kellogg1714th: Ochoa
1715th: Van Dyke1716th: Smiley
1717th: Dutton1718th: Rader
1719th: Darnell1720th: Penn
1721st: Humphries1722nd: Flood

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