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Dugan Genealogy & History

Dugan is an anglicized version of the old Gaelic name O Dubhagain. O is the Gaelic prefix for male heir or grandson, and dubh means darkish or black, with the suffix a being a diminutive. Some spelling variations are Doogan, O' Dooghaine, Duggen, Douggan, Dewgan, and Deugan. Dugan family history has John O'Dugan as the first recorded spelling of the name; he was the author of Topographical Poems and died in 1372. Noteworthy Dugan genealogy members are former Air Force Chief of Staff General Michael Dugan; astronomer, author and Princeton University professor Raymond Smith Dugan; and actor and film director Dennis Dugan.

Dugan Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Duane Dugan-- --, 1938January 20,1994VA
Bailey Dugan-- --, 1960July 1,2003OH
C Budd Dugan-- --, 1920December 17,1993DC
Dagmar Dugan-- --, 1911January 11,1997OH

Dugan Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Earl Dugan-- --, 1906August ,1978Falmouth,MA
Faithful Dugan-- --, 1889February ,1980Lake George,NY
Gage Dugan-- --, 1930January 4,2008Palm Springs,CA
Haines Dugan-- --, 1905December ,1976Pittsburgh,PA

Dugan Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Avery DuganMosley ShyannJanuary 22,2001Hopkins, TX
Damon DuganLatonya EvansApril 20,2001Hopkins, TX
Gary DuganTraci ShawApril 20,2001Tarrant, TX
James DuganVirginia LesserJuly 18,1942Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Dugan

1336th: Weiner1337th: Khan
1338th: Hager1339th: Platt
1340th: Kauffman1341st: Espinoza
1342nd: Buckner1343rd: Cornell
1344th: Snell1345th: Bullard

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