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Duggan Genealogy & History

Duggan is an Irish name. It was originally derived from the Old Gaelic personal name O�Dubhagain. This itself was derived from the prefix O� meaning Son of and Dubh which means black or dark�the meaning of the remainder is unknown; it is thought to be an Irish personal name. In any event, Duggan family history is first recorded with a Sean O�Dubhagain, author of the so-called Topographical Poems, who died in 1372. Duggan genealogy in America began with Eliz Duggan, who came to Virginia in 1706.

Duggan Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Abbie Duggan-- --, 1882April ,1970MA
Barbara Duggan-- --, 1918December 14,2003MA
C James Duggan-- --, 1935May 6,2004CA
Daisy Duggan-- --, 1890July ,1973NY

Duggan Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Earl Duggan-- --, 1902May ,1980Bradford,PA
Fannie Duggan-- --, 1881January ,1974Atlanta,GA
Gail Duggan-- --, 1943March 3,2001Fort Lauderdale,FL
Hannah Duggan-- --, 1902April 13,1990Stoneham,MA

Duggan Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Brandon DugganTonja BelmontOctober 11,2002Harris, TX
Donald DugganVicki MooreNovember 6,2003Eastland, TX
Eric DugganCarrie WebbMarch 20,2004Dallas, TX
George DugganSusan DickeySeptember 5,2003Medina, TX

Most Common Surnames After Duggan

2109th: Kenyon2110th: Marcum
2111th: Strange2112th: Rhoads
2113th: Tang2114th: Carnes
2115th: Yee2116th: Linder
2117th: Snodgrass2118th: Seitz

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