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Dunn is an English, Scottish, and Irish surname with several different origins, all of which might be accurate. First, it might come from the Middle English "dunn", meaning brown or dark-colored, or the Old English "dunna", meaning dark. Second, it might be from the Gaelic "O'Duinn/Doinn", a patronymic with "dunn" meaning black or brown. Third, the Scottish name could be locational, from Dun, Tayside, an old fort. In any case, Dunn family history is first written in the Ancient Irish Records with Gillananaomh O'Duinn in 1102. Dunn genealogy includes many notable people, such as Canadian pioneer Aaron Dunn, WWI Admiral Herbert Dunn, and chemical engineer William Dunn.

Dunn Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Elaine Dunn-- --, 1934October 15,1999KS
B Earl Dunn-- --, 1917January ,1980VA
C Dianne Dunn-- --, 1929December 3,1992PA
D Wilbur Dunn-- --, 1915March 22,2009IL

Dunn Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Leslie Dunn-- --, 1920March ,1993Kailua,HI
F Richard Dunn-- --, 1921July 13,2008Hemlock,NY
G Bradford Dunn-- --, 1915June 8,2002Minneapolis,MN
H Georgia Dunn-- --, 1925June ,1983Jacksonville,FL

Dunn Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Agnes DunnMannie FilmoreDecember 26,1931Wake, NC
Balfour DunnElizabeth JoseyDecember 23,1931Wake, NC
Charlie DunnBessie CottenDecember 4,1937Wake, NC
David DunnFronie JonesJanuary 3,1931Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Dunn

151st: Hunter152nd: Peters
153rd: Ferguson154th: Elliott
155th: Arnold156th: Weaver
157th: Gardner158th: Hart
159th: Boyd160th: Stephens

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