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Eaton Genealogy & History

Eaton is a locational surname of Anglo-Saxon origin, coming from two Old English compounds: ea and ton, meaning river settlement, or eg and ton, meaning a settlement on an island or low-lying land. The two words originally tended to be spelled in different ways and did not converge for some time. The first recording of Eaton family history is the 1273 enrollment of Peter de Eton in Huntingdonshire. Some members of Eaton genealogy are Eaton's chain founder Timothy Eaton, Union General John Eaton, and Peggy Eaton, whose remarriage shortly after her husband's death caused a major scandal in the Jackson administration.

Eaton Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Algernon Eaton-- --, 1928November 15,1998AL
B Carol Eaton-- --, 1944April 17,2006OK
C Norman Eaton-- --, 1930October 21,2009NY
Dagny Eaton-- --, 1903December 25,1997ND

Eaton Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Bernice Eaton-- --, 1924April 14,2002Conroe,TX
Fae Eaton-- --, 1912March 11,2010Lowry City,MO
G Glenn Eaton-- --, 1898June ,1980San Diego,CA
H Hugh Eaton-- --, 1914January ,1997Castorland,NY

Eaton Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
David EatonGinger WatkinsMay 15,1999Wake, NC
Ezekiel EatonMyrtle GarnerJuly 24,1937Wake, NC
Gregory EatonTheresa DavisFebruary 1,1975Wake, NC
Preston EatonMayme LaneApril 4,1957Wake, NC

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546th: Golden547th: Savage
548th: Kerr549th: Dyer
550th: Holloway551st: Herman
552nd: Mendoza553rd: O'Donnell

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