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Ebert Genealogy & History

Ebert is derived from a short form of Eberhard, meaning boar-like and strong. The family motto is ready to accomplish and the coat of arms is a profile of a woman's head and shoulders. Ebert family history has Hans Georg Ebert as the first member of the family to migrate to America in 1731; he settled in Pennsylvania. Some members of the Ebert genealogy are opera and drama producer Carl Ebert and film critic and screenwriter Roger Joseph Ebert.

Ebert Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Loraine Ebert-- --, 1916March 1,2003PA
B Frances Ebert-- --, 1923February ,1991VA
Caesar Ebert-- --, 1915July 23,2007NC
Daisy Ebert-- --, 1888December ,1976NJ

Ebert Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Louise Ebert-- --, 1912August 17,1999Greensburg,PA
F Dean Ebert-- --, 1931February 28,1999Melbourne,AR
Gale Ebert-- --, 1926October 13,2009Wayne,NJ
H Jean Ebert-- --, 1920November 5,1994Saint Paul,MN

Ebert Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Daniel EbertLouise PeggApril 17,1999Wake, NC
Stephan EbertChristie LynchAugust 2,2008Wake, NC
Thomas EbertHelen EckartNovember 29,1975Bexar, TX
Ira EbertZaida BedilionOctober 24,1894Keokuk, IA

Most Common Surnames After Ebert

2063rd: Cornett2064th: Mims
2065th: Willey2066th: Barney
2067th: Alley2068th: Barger
2069th: Rector2070th: De Vries
2071st: Gipson2072nd: Kaminski

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