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Eckert Genealogy & History

Eckert could be a Pictish surname from a family living in the Scottish barony of Urquhart by Loch Ness in the county of Inverness. Another theory in the Eckert family history states that it stems from the pre-seventh-century Anglo-Saxon name Erhard, from era (honourable) + hard (brave or hardy). One of the earliest recorded instances is that of Adam Ecard in the Hundred Rolls of Norfolk in 1273. Spelling variants include Eckart, Eckert, Eckard, Eckhard, and Eckett. Noteworthy members of the Eckert genealogy include computer pioneer J. Presper Eckert Jr. as well as astronomer and lunar crater namesake Wallace John Eckert.

Eckert Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A William Eckert-- --, 1915January ,1992MI
Bani Eckert-- --, 1915January 15,1995LA
C Roberta Eckert-- --, 1910February ,1992NY
Dagmar Eckert-- --, 1903September 8,1989NY

Eckert Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Charles Eckert-- --, 1914November 20,1990Philadelphia,PA
F Louise Eckert-- --, 1925June 1,1998Bellingham,WA
G Bernard Eckert-- --, 1918December 16,2005Huntington,IN
H William Eckert-- --, 1915April 21,1997Castleton On Hudson,NY

Eckert Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Aaron EckertDawn GolsonJune 27,2003Bell, TX
Christopher EckertMelissa SaranAugust 25,2003Tarrant, TX
David EckertGina HolmesJuly 12,2003Wake, NC
Edward EckertDawn BrownNovember 6,2004Travis, TX

Most Common Surnames After Eckert

1513th: Huggins1514th: Story
1515th: Ayala1516th: Hathaway
1517th: Mansfield1518th: Jarrett
1519th: Gerber1520th: Baum
1521st: Doty1522nd: Redmond

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