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Eddy Genealogy & History

There are two potential origins for the surname of the Eddy genealogy. Either the Gaelic word eddee (meaning instructor) or the Saxon word edea (meaning whirlpool) is the translations linked to the Eddy family history. The first recorded instance of an Eddy was a priest named Stephanus, who went on a pilgrimage from Northumbria to Canterbury in the eighth century. Notable members of the Eddy genealogy include astronomer John Eddy, bioinformatician Sean Eddy, author C. M. Eddy Jr., Christian Science founder Mary Baker Eddy, singer and actor Nelson Eddy, and Grammy Award-winning guitarist Duane Eddy.

Eddy Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Augustine Eddy-- --, 1944August 18,2010MA
Barbara Eddy-- --, 1903September 12,2000MA
C David Eddy-- --, 1920April 4,2004MI
D Lee Eddy-- --, 1920December 12,1992MO

Eddy Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Earl Eddy-- --, 1920October 8,1989Benton Harbor,MI
Fanny Eddy-- --, 1884January ,1971Rochester,NY
Gale Eddy-- --, 1930February 3,1998Bradford,PA
H Paul Eddy-- --, 1924May 9,2010Grand Rapids,MI

Eddy Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
John EddyGeorge GuymanSeptember 25,1982Wake, NC
Ricky EddyDonna PuryearDecember 25,1989Wake, NC
Leonard EddyShirley HardyFebruary 14,2004Brazos, TX
William EddyLucinda SagerApril 14,1990Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Eddy

1422nd: Sadler1423rd: Polk
1424th: Lilly1425th: Toth
1426th: McHugh1427th: Caruso
1428th: Kearney1429th: Engle
1430th: McMullen1431st: Vazquez

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