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Edmondson Genealogy & History

Edmondson is an English patronymic surname from the Old German name Eadmund, a compound name meaning prosperity-protector, which may have been an occupational name for stewards and lesser leaders, though the record is unclear on this. Edmondson family history enters the books in 1379, when Robert Edmondson was entered in the Yorkshire Poll Tax Rolls. Several notable people are a part of Edmondson genealogy, such as four-term Oklahoma Attorney General Drew Edmondson and US Chess Federation President and Executive Director Ed Edmondson.

Edmondson Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Grey Edmondson-- --, 1910October ,1984MS
Barbara Edmondson-- --, 1940August 31,1992PA
Calvin Edmondson-- --, 1917January 16,1998NM
Daisy Edmondson-- --, 1906February 14,2002GA

Edmondson Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Earl Edmondson-- --, 1893April ,1967Chambersburg,PA
F Pauline Edmondson-- --, 1910March 29,2007Perrysville,OH
Gaines Edmondson-- --, 1914May ,1970Lagrange,GA
Hadie Edmondson-- --, 1904January ,1987Kinston,NC

Edmondson Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Athol EdmondsonMary StewartMarch 10,2000Tarrant, TX
Bernie EdmondsonGrace TurnageJanuary 12,1946Wake, NC
Donald EdmondsonMary CanningMay 25,1985Wake, NC
Eric EdmondsonJulie OliveApril 8,1989Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Edmondson

2235th: Main2236th: Wing
2237th: Parnell2238th: Pruett
2239th: Paulsen2240th: Halverson
2241st: D'Amico2242nd: Boykin
2243rd: Dykes2244th: Roark

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