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Elkins Genealogy & History

Elkins is a variation on medieval personal name Elis from the Greek Elias derived from Hebrew Eliyahy meaning Jehovah is God. Some of the alternate spellings are as follows: Elkin, Elekins, Elkins, Elkyns and Elekyns. The Elkins family seat is in Oxfordshire. In 1633 Jacob Jacobson Elkins traveled to American and landed in New York. Elkins family history has John Elkyn in the Feet of Fines as a witness as the first known recording of the name in 1310. Noteworthy Elkins genealogy members are: physicist Terence James Elkins, mystery writer Aaron Elkins and poet, teacher and Editor Carolyn Elkins.

Elkins Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Elkins-- --, 1927October 2,2006IL
Baccus Elkins-- --, 1928September 27,1997NC
C Corinne Elkins-- --, 1922May 29,2004GA
Daisy Elkins-- --, 1918January 15,2004NC

Elkins Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Beverly Elkins-- --, 1926January 1,2004Boca Raton,FL
Fae Elkins-- --, 1898September ,1986Enid,OK
Gaithel Elkins-- --, 1917February 8,1998Paris,TN
Hagood Elkins-- --, 1920November 13,1997Newport News,VA

Elkins Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Andrew ElkinsKaela MullenDecember 9,2000Hood, TX
Bobby ElkinsDeborah ArnoldJuly 5,1986Wake, NC
Charles ElkinsSandra HoneycuttNovember 9,1974Wake, NC
David ElkinsCorina TackittJuly 8,2000Rockwall, TX

Most Common Surnames After Elkins

1199th: Rouse1200th: Metcalf
1201st: Weston1202nd: Herbert
1203rd: Christopher1204th: Pryor
1205th: Regan1206th: Link
1207th: Joyner1208th: Dunham

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