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Ely Genealogy & History

Ely is a name of English and Irish origin. Ely family history shows several possible derivations. One is a patronymic derived from either Fitz Elie, a Norman family who immigrated to England in 1066, or from the given name Elijah. Another possibility is that it is a locational name given to someone who lived in an area in which was a habitat for eels. Ely genealogy includes alternative spellings including Ealy and Elie. The Ely family seat is in Cambridgeshire. The Ely family crest has six red fleurs de lis on silver field divided by a horizontal red band. Famous members of this family include Tarzan actor Ron Ely.

Ely Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Richard Ely-- --, 1914September 14,2004AL
Ballard Ely-- --, 1894November ,1982VA
Calvin Ely-- --, 1922November 2,1993PA
D Maxine Ely-- --, 1927April 10,2009IL

Ely Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Earl Ely-- --, 1900May ,1975Jersey Shore,PA
Fannie Ely-- --, 1921July 17,1999Fair Lawn,NJ
Gail Ely-- --, 1916March ,1987Long Beach,CA
H Brooks Ely-- --, 1915December 16,2004Tulsa,OK

Ely Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Alfred ElyBonnie MillisApril 12,2003Wake, NC
Brandon ElyLaurie StoneJuly 4,2000Hopkins, TX
David ElySarah McfaddenNovember 12,1983Wake, NC
Earl ElyMelissa HiranoMay 21,1995Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Ely

2166th: Dowell2167th: Escobar
2168th: London2169th: Willett
2170th: Salter2171st: Pickering
2172nd: Toney2173rd: Christy
2174th: Shank2175th: Ricks

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