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Emmons Genealogy & History

Emmons is an English name with two possible origins. It could be derived from Ismaine or Ismenia, a medieval personal name for women. Alternately, it could have originated as a personal name meaning Son of Emma. Emmons family history begins in Berkshire, a county in the south of England. The first Emmons to land in America was Thomas Emmons, who came to Rhode Island in 1639. Emmons genealogy includes Ebenezer Emmons, a foundational figure in American geology and the first discoverer of Paleozoic primordial fauna.

Emmons Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Colleen Emmons-- --, 1923December ,1994MO
Baird Emmons-- --, 1921May 27,2006NE
C Jack Emmons-- --, 1918March 8,1988IN
Daisy Emmons-- --, 1892April ,1978MN

Emmons Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Earl Emmons-- --, 1907September ,1982Hinesburg,VT
Fadge Emmons-- --, 1880March ,1974Stoughton,WI
Gail Emmons-- --, 1948October 15,2002Brooklyn,NY
Haney Emmons-- --, 1899February ,1979Bellflower,CA

Emmons Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Aaron EmmonsKristin DorazioNovember 16,2002Tarrant, TX
Edward EmmonsRosa GodinaMay 28,2004Hopkins, TX
Frederick EmmonsClaudia TelloMarch 16,2002Harris, TX
Gary EmmonsDora RejinoFebruary 26,2000Wilbarger, TX

Most Common Surnames After Emmons

2102nd: Pickens2103rd: Belanger
2104th: Rosa2105th: Boles
2106th: Dumas2107th: Caron
2108th: Duggan2109th: Kenyon
2110th: Marcum2111th: Strange

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