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Engel Genealogy & History

Engel is a name stemming from the Teutonic word for angel. It could be a short form of an early (pre-seventh-century) name such as Engelbert (angel-bright); an alternative origin in Engel family history records that it derives from the Angles who, along with their neighbors the Saxons, were the original conquerors of East Britain. Other explanations exist as well. Multiple spellings include Engel, Engleke, Engelmann, Engels, Engler, Engling, and many others. Early settlers were Adam Engel, who arrived in Philadelphia in 1754, and Christian Engel, who settled in Philadelphia in 1787. Engel genealogy includes Holocaust historian David Engel and composer and conductor Lehman Engel.

Engel Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Eugene Engel-- --, 1927June 24,2009OH
Banford Engel-- --, 1925August 7,2002WA
Calista Engel-- --, 1887July ,1967OH
D Bruce Engel-- --, 1930May 14,2009NE

Engel Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Everett Engel-- --, 1917October 7,1993Lakewood,NJ
F Irvine Engel-- --, 1917May 6,1998Missoula,MT
Gabriel Engel-- --, 1910October 17,2007Astoria,NY
H Corbin Engel-- --, 1915December 27,1990Wooster,OH

Engel Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Arthur EngelViolet LarueApril 28,1951Wake, NC
Charles EngelEtheline WadeNovember 23,1945Wake, NC
Kevin EngelTania SassenbergOctober 11,2003Wake, NC
Michael EngelJoyce WillfordJuly 22,2000Bell, TX

Most Common Surnames After Engel

1099th: Cotton1100th: Romano
1101st: Kirkland1102nd: Rutledge
1103rd: Schmitz1104th: Whalen
1105th: Ratliff1106th: Kurtz
1107th: Robison1108th: Grace

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