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Epps Genealogy & History

The surname Epps has both German and English origins. The English version originated in Middlesex and is derived from the Old English oepse, which means aspen tree. It is a locational name given to a person who lived near such a tree or a grove of such trees. The German version originated in Bavaria. Epps family history holds that the first known recording of this family name was John de Apse in Surrey in 1214. Spelling variations include Apse, Epse, and Apps. Epps genealogy includes American film and television actors Omar Epps and Michael Eugene (Mike) Epps.

Epps Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Alfred Epps-- --, 1927February 11,1991NM
Bama Epps-- --, 1910April 19,2007OH
C Austin Epps-- --, 1929January 28,1993GA
Daisy Epps-- --, 1895October ,1982NY

Epps Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Earl Epps-- --, 1911November ,1985Portsmouth,VA
Fannie Epps-- --, 1914September 21,2008Hopewell,VA
G William Epps-- --, 1926January 21,1990Atlanta,GA
H Elaine Epps-- --, 1950October 30,1998Long Branch,NJ

Epps Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Arthur EppsDorothy TylerDecember 30,1977Wake, NC
Carl EppsWillie DavisDecember 27,1964Wake, NC
Derrick EppsArlena MyersDecember 12,1992Wake, NC
Elijah EppsSandra TrevanFebruary 13,1965Wake, NC

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2203rd: Scanlon2204th: Chester
2205th: Adcock2206th: Julian
2207th: Nadeau2208th: Girard
2209th: Matson2210th: Cotter

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