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Erwin Genealogy & History

Erwin is of Irish, Scottish, and Anglo-Saxon origins. The Irish version comes from an anglicized interpretation of O'hEireamhoin, meaning descendant of Eireamhan. The Scottish source is from the place named Irvine or a Celtic river name. The English stems from the pre-seventh-century name Eoforwine, a combination of wine (meaning friend) and eofor (meaning wild pig). Erwin family history has Robert de Hierwin as the first recorded spelling in Dumfriesshire, Scotland in 1226. Noteworthy Erwin genealogy members include baseball catcher Ross Emil �Tex� Erwin; John Lee Erwin, the voice for Morris the Cat; and comic book artist Steve Erwin.

Erwin Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A May Erwin-- --, 1902August 26,1998PA
Barbara Erwin-- --, 1887July ,1977MA
Cagial Erwin-- --, 1914April ,1981PA
Dagmar Erwin-- --, 1956May ,1977LA

Erwin Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Eunice Erwin-- --, 1918May 13,1991Ogdensburg,NY
Faith Erwin-- --, 1914January 31,1993Oakwood,IL
Gail Erwin-- --, 1936October 5,1995Great Bend,NY
Hafford Erwin-- --, 1913November 1,1989Madill,OK

Erwin Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
David ErwinJanet BinkleySeptember 9,1961Wake, NC
John ErwinAnne JusticeNovember 10,1954Wake, NC
Samuel ErwinArline SeamanDecember 18,1970Wake, NC
Matthew ErwinAnna PetreeOctober 19,1991Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Erwin

1222nd: Lockhart1223rd: Geiger
1224th: Conklin1225th: Kendrick
1226th: Drew1227th: Grimm
1228th: Elmore1229th: Cote
1230th: Clifton1231st: Babcock

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