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Esposito Genealogy & History

Esposito is a surname from expositus, in early Latin, meaning outside�literally a person or thing found outside. Children left on the local church doorstep were often called expositos. It also signified someone who lived outside of the community. Alternate spellings are Esposuto, Exposi, Espote, and Sposito. Esposito family history is unclear as to whose name was recorded first, due to many church records being destroyed, but Francesco Esposito of Casale di Posilipo was recorded in 1760. Noteworthy Esposito genealogy members are cooking show host Mary Ann Esposito, Chinese religion scholar Monica Esposito, and amateur wrestler Zack Esposito.

Esposito Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Robert Esposito-- --, 1915December 1,2002NJ
Babette Esposito-- --, 1913October 23,2005PA
C Suzanne Esposito-- --, 1913December 12,2000NY
Dan Esposito-- --, 1896February ,1974PA

Esposito Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Lydia Esposito-- --, 1917August 14,2004Milton,DE
Faith Esposito-- --, 1947February ,1986Scranton,PA
G John Esposito-- --, 1917September 10,1993Cranston,RI
Hannah Esposito-- --, 1996April 18,2002Huntley,IL

Esposito Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Arthur EspositoArlene MazzarielloMay 12,1970Wake, NC
Daniel EspositoMegan FisherJuly 1,2008Wake, NC
Salvatore EspositoCarol BlackstoneAugust 27,1963Wake, NC
Yolanda EspositoDavid StewartMarch 2,1974Broward, FL

Most Common Surnames After Esposito

1332nd: Wilhelm1333rd: Crews
1334th: Salinas1335th: Dugan
1336th: Weiner1337th: Khan
1338th: Hager1339th: Platt
1340th: Kauffman1341st: Espinoza

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