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Estes is an English surname with a few origins. First, there is the locational name, from a town named Este in northern Italy. It was also a nickname from the Greek lustas, meaning fruitful. Lastly, "este" is Old English for east and was used for people from eastern parts of England. Estes family history begins with the baptism of Nicholas Eastes of Deal, Kent, England in 1495. Estes genealogy includes several notable people, such as W. W. Estes, founder of Estes Express Lines; offensive tackle Patrick Estes; and Joel Estes, founder of Estes Park, Colorado, and through that town the namesake of the USS Estes.

Estes Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Frank Estes-- --, 1918April 1,2004AK
Banford Estes-- --, 1892June ,1972KY
Cabell Estes-- --, 1918June 23,1995VA
D Louise Estes-- --, 1916February 10,1999CA

Estes Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Frances Estes-- --, 1914June ,1987Canton,NC
Fair Estes-- --, 1901January ,1980Union,SC
G Pauline Estes-- --, 1924March 9,2003Stoneham,MA
H Thomas Estes-- --, 1933August 8,2001Franklin,OH

Estes Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Amos EstesCassie LeeMay 4,1946Wake, NC
Bobby EstesDoris BeltonJuly 15,1954Wake, NC
Clarence EstesGuyder WilliamsOctober 19,1935Wake, NC
Ervin EstesNorma KingJanuary 12,1935Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Estes

750th: Bean751st: Kaiser
752nd: Shepard753rd: Rush
754th: Farley755th: Winter
756th: Lowery757th: Crosby
758th: Joyce759th: Rowland

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