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Estrada Genealogy & History

The surname Estrada is of Spanish derivation. It is a locational name that refers to one of many places in Spain or Portugal named Estrada, from the Latina stata, in turn derived from sternere, to strew, which means a paved road. This surname appears in Estrada genealogy in alternative spellings which include de Estrada, Estrado, and Estrader. One of the first known immigrants with this surname is Diego de Estrada, who arrived in American in 1513. One of the more well known people in Estrada family history is actor Erik Estrada, best known for his role as Ponch in the 1977-1983 television series ChiPs.

Estrada Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Abel Estrada-- --, 1924January 16,1999TX
Balbina Estrada-- --, 1918November 24,1999CA
Calixto Estrada-- --, 1902January ,1986TX
Dahlia Estrada-- --, 1882February 15,1968LA

Estrada Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Earlene Estrada-- --, 1929March 15,2009Buena Park,CA
Fabiana Estrada-- --, 1912January 20,1997Indio,CA
Gabert Estrada-- --, 1927January ,1978Livingston,CA
Harold Estrada-- --, 1921November 20,1994New Orleans,LA

Estrada Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Christopher EstradaNicole JohnsonMay 7,2008Wake, NC
Juan EstradaAlexandra MolanoOctober 26,2002Wake, NC
Gabino EstradaCoral MoralesOctober 3,2003Wake, NC
Simpson EstradaJessica MapplebeckJune 1,2008Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Estrada

1011th: Swenson1012th: Gamble
1013th: Fraser1014th: Bernstein
1015th: Curran1016th: Bonner
1017th: Sharpe1018th: Block
1019th: Ackerman1020th: Swartz

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