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Falk Genealogy & History

Falk originates from the Middle High German word valke, which means falcon and was probably given to a falconer or someone with raptor-like qualities. Falk family history indicates this name originated in the area that is now Prussia. Spelling variations include Falk, Falcke, Valke, Falke, and Falken. The first recorded spelling of the family name was Geoffrey Faukes in 1221, in the Transcripts of Charters relating to the Gilbertine Houses. Wulf Falk came to Philadelphia in 1847. Falk genealogy includes American actor Peter Falk; British test pilot Roland Falk; and German economist Armin Falk.

Falk Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aase Falk-- --, 1925January 25,2008IL
Barbara Falk-- --, 1913January 6,1996MA
Cajetan Falk-- --, 1915July 5,2001IA
Dale Falk-- --, 1937May 18,2007IA

Falk Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Jane Falk-- --, 1927June 12,1997Port Huron,MI
F Elizabet Falk-- --, 1908February 20,2004Lancaster,PA
Gale Falk-- --, 1919April ,1991Brooklyn,NY
Hal Falk-- --, 1909July ,1975Lawton,OK

Falk Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Charles FalkAnna WolvertonMarch 23,2001Wake, NC
Donald FalkLeslie PaullDecember 31,1982Wake, NC
Jack FalkBetty SchmidtApril 22,1966Wake, NC
Nathan FalkJane FogartyMarch 8,1980Harris, TX

Most Common Surnames After Falk

2038th: Baughman2039th: Templeton
2040th: Coats2041st: Ruff
2042nd: Shipman2043rd: De la Cruz
2044th: Jung2045th: Way
2046th: Gilman2047th: McNulty

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