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Farris Genealogy & History

The surname Farris is an anglicization of the Old Gaelic name O'Fearghusa, which means a male descendant of Fergus, whose name means a vigorous or forceful man. Farris family history shows the name is found in both Scotland and Ireland and is particularly popular in the areas of northeast Ulster as well as in Donegal and Kerry. Alternative spellings in Farris genealogy include Ferris, Fergus, and Farisssy. The first recorded spelling of this name is believed to have been made in 1586 during the census of County Kerry. Two of the earliest US Farris immigrants were Ellen and Robert Farris, who came to New York City in 1815.

Farris Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aalon Farris-- --, 1921January 23,2000TX
B Juanita Farris-- --, 1922October 21,2005NE
C Eileen Farris-- --, 1927May 17,2004IN
Daisy Farris-- --, 1906May 17,1995VA

Farris Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Mark Farris-- --, 1919November 27,2005Abingdon,VA
F Charline Farris-- --, 1925August 10,1998North Little Rock,AR
Gabe Farris-- --, 1915July ,1983Port Neches,TX
H R Bud Farris-- --, 1927October 18,2004Independence,MO

Farris Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Cory FarrisAndrea SnyderSeptember 8,2007Wake, NC
George FarrisBonnie GowerJuly 10,1971Wake, NC
Ray FarrisMyron GallagherNovember 26,1936Wake, NC
John FarrisRuth GargisAugust 22,1968Wake, NC

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1010th: Estrada1011th: Swenson
1012th: Gamble1013th: Fraser
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