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Ferraro Genealogy & History

Ferraro stems from the French ferreor and the English farrier, which are both from the Latin ferrum, meaning iron. This name meant some one who works with iron, producing it or working with iron products. The family coat of arms is a red shield with a gold band from upper right to lower left and three blue horseshoes. Ferraro family history tells us that Thomas le Ferrur is the first known of the name in the Rolls of Yorkshire, England, in 1275. Two members of the Ferraro genealogy are operatic tenor Pier Miranda Ferraro and computer scientist and entrepreneur Joshua Ferraro.

Ferraro Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Abbie Ferraro-- --, 1901December ,1974CT
Barbara Ferraro-- --, 1905September 22,1995NY
Calcedonio Ferraro-- --, 1880January ,1967NY
Dan Ferraro-- --, 1900June ,1976CA

Ferraro Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Ed Ferraro-- --, 1888June ,1968Walsenburg,CO
F Richard Ferraro-- --, 1925June 22,2000Palatine Bridge,NY
Gabriel Ferraro-- --, 1917January 18,1999Rockaway Park,NY
Harland Ferraro-- --, 1913June 15,2007Deltona,FL

Ferraro Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Anthony FerraroTheresa BonnettFebruary 19,2000Harris, TX
Charles FerraroSheyna ThayerJuly 23,2005Tarrant, TX
Frederick FerraroKelly AndersonNovember 4,2000Collin, TX
Giovanni FerraroTina SalesSeptember 26,2001Wichita, TX

Most Common Surnames After Ferraro

2399th: Lusk2400th: Peoples
2401st: Bellamy2402nd: Duarte
2403rd: Denney2404th: Sommers
2405th: Leahy2406th: Ayres
2407th: Pepper2408th: Patten

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