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Fields is one of the alternate spellings of "Field". Like that name, it is a topographical surname given to someone who lived or worked on a non-agricultural area that had been cleared of forest. The most notable person in Fields family history is likely the Canadian mathematician John Charles Fields, who founded the Fields Medal´┐Żarguably the most prestigious award in all of mathematics. Fields genealogy also includes W. C. Fields, a comedian whose persona was a selfish misogynistic alcoholic who still managed to remain sympathetic; Woody Allen called W. C. Fields one of the six "genuine comic geniuses" in movie history.

Fields Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aadrew Fields-- --, 1883January ,1968IL
Babe Fields-- --, 1934May 8,2005IN
C Richard Fields-- --, 1924July 28,2007NC
D Jr Fields-- --, 1904January ,1968NY

Fields Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Diane Fields-- --, 1952October 9,1989Vernon Rockville,CT
F Agnes Fields-- --, 1914November 10,1997Rockledge,FL
G Ethel Fields-- --, 1921October ,1986Philadelphia,PA
H Peck Fields-- --, 1913May 23,1991Stockton,CA

Fields Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Carl FieldsBrenda HowellSeptember 14,1974Wake, NC
David FieldsChristine HighDecember 12,1950Wake, NC
Richard FieldsHenrietta JenkinsAugust 11,1956Wake, NC
Preston FieldsAnzella KingJune 26,1965Wake, NC

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271st: Norris272nd: Rhodes
273rd: Holt274th: Mann
275th: Caldwell276th: Warner
277th: Gomez278th: Fischer

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