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Figueroa Genealogy & History

Figueroa is a Spanish surname from the Christian kingdom of Galicia, now northwestern Spain. It is locational, from several towns in the area named for the fig tree, or figueira, though it is somewhat odd that the name would be restricted to Galicia, as figs are a general Spanish crop. In any case, Figueroa family history is not well documented for quite some time, as Spain, like most countries, was late to require surnames. We do know that Alonso de Figueroa sailed to America in 1516. Figueroa genealogy includes at least three presidents: Jose Figueroa of Argentina, Fernando Figueroa of El Salvador, and Emiliano Figueroa of Chile.

Figueroa Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Abel Figueroa-- --, 1898May ,1982CA
Balbina Figueroa-- --, 1917December ,1984PR
Caarmen Figueroa-- --, 1959January 15,2000PR
Daisy Figueroa-- --, 1935December ,1982NY

Figueroa Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Earl Figueroa-- --, 1929December 24,2008Oceanside,CA
Fabian Figueroa-- --, 1923December 4,2001Perth Amboy,NJ
Gabina Figueroa-- --, 1934July 2,2010Newark,NJ
Harriet Figueroa-- --, 1916March ,1982West Covina,CA

Figueroa Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Edis FigueroaMaria OrellanaNovember 4,2005Wake, NC
Freddy FigueroaMargarita CalleOctober 1,1968Wake, NC
Michael FigueroaLenora OwensDecember 9,1968Wake, NC
Jose FigueroaMichele NobleSeptember 1,2000Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Figueroa

1278th: Sherwood1279th: Pedersen
1280th: Davison1281st: Painter
1282nd: Reece1283rd: Hand
1284th: Swain1285th: Hinkle
1286th: Whitfield1287th: Tillman

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