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Finney Genealogy & History

Finney family history records that the original form of this ancient Irish name is O Fiannaidh. This is composed of � (descendant of) and fianna (soldier), hence son or grandson of a soldier. The name was found in Easkey, in County Sligo, and County Galway, where the family lands were in Ballyfeeney and in Roscommon. Spelling variants include Finney, Feeney, Finnay, Finny, Fynnie, Fynney, and Feenay. Mary Fenney, the daughter of John, was christened on April 9, 1654. Michael Finney left Liverpool for New York in 1846. Finney genealogy includes English actor Albert Finney; American author Jack Finney; and revivalist and Second Great Awakening Leader Charles Grandison Finney.

Finney Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Carolyn Finney-- --, 1927October 15,1987OK
Baby Finney-- --, 1938August 31,2007TX
Cabel Finney-- --, 1915March 23,1990VA
D Frank Finney-- --, 1924July 22,2003AZ

Finney Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Ellen Finney-- --, 1917October 14,2008Petersburg,MI
Fairy Finney-- --, 1894October ,1970Borger,TX
G Willard Finney-- --, 1918December ,1988Winterset,IA
Hal Finney-- --, 1922June 10,1991Tucson,AZ

Finney Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Anthony FinneyAylin HolcombApril 6,2007Wake, NC
Ernest FinneySonya LumpertApril 7,2000Travis, TX
Matthew FinneyDenise MckinneyOctober 2,2004Wake, NC
Jeremy FinneyEmily BlalockAugust 20,2005Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Finney

1838th: Nickerson1839th: Lentz
1840th: Mock1841st: Drummond
1842nd: Whittaker1843rd: Caudill
1844th: Giordano1845th: Stauffer
1846th: Foss1847th: Lincoln

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