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Fish Genealogy & History

Fish is an Anglo-Saxon name derived from Old English fisc, meaning fish. Thus it was an occupational name for a fisherman or fish-seller, and the Fish family is first found in Yorkshire, where they had lands and an estate in feudal times. The first recording in Fish family history is for Ernis Fish in 1202 in Lincolnshire. Fish genealogy in America began in New England in the early 1630s. Fish can be an Americanized spelling of the German Fisch; the German Fisch originated in Saxony and has variations Fischer, Fisher, and Fisscher. Curiously, the Fisch coat of arms contains a fish while the Fish one does not.

Fish Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Fish-- --, 1974May 5,1994OH
Barbara Fish-- --, 1929May 17,1999VT
C Julian Fish-- --, 1917May ,1987PA
D Catherin Fish-- --, 1920April 16,1997PA

Fish Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Joyce Fish-- --, 1926January 22,2007Sullivan,IL
F Boardman Fish-- --, 1913June ,1979Harrison,ME
G Eloise Fish-- --, 1912July 1,2000Palmdale,CA
Halbert Fish-- --, 1920November 28,2000Kansas City,MO

Fish Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Arthur FishVara HayesFebruary 3,1950Wake, NC
Barney FishEllen WilliamsDecember 21,1948Wake, NC
Charles FishElla ChampionSeptember 29,1951Wake, NC
David FishJamie BuckOctober 3,1983Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Fish

1042nd: Webber1043rd: Abrams
1044th: Rutherford1045th: Simons
1046th: Hilton1047th: Rivers
1048th: Wu1049th: Wills
1050th: Emery1051st: Branch

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