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Flanagan Genealogy & History

Flanagan is a fairly common Irish surname. Its Gaelic form is "O'Flannagain"�"O" meaning "grandson" or "male descendent of", and "Flannagain" from "Flann", meaning "red" or "ruddy". The forerunners of Flanagan family history were related to the royal O'Connors of Ireland, and the O'Flanagains were Stewards to the Kings of Connacht (being a Steward for a King was a hereditary position then). Flanagan genealogy includes influential philosopher of consciousness and moral psychology Owen Flanagan, as well as Caroline Flanagan, the first female President of the Law Society of Scotland. The Flanagans' motto is "Certavi et vici", which translates to "I have fought and conquered".

Flanagan Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Estelle Flanagan-- --, 1928August 30,2007MA
B Evelyn Flanagan-- --, 1925November ,1983PA
C Claire Flanagan-- --, 1931December 20,2007MA
Dagmar Flanagan-- --, 1894December ,1975MA

Flanagan Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Jane Flanagan-- --, 1920January 17,1998Binghamton,NY
F Madeline Flanagan-- --, 1924August 12,2004Syracuse,NY
G Romaine Flanagan-- --, 1926May 3,1997Levittown,PA
H Russell Flanagan-- --, 1927December 17,1991Townsend,TN

Flanagan Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Anthony FlanaganNancy NauApril 18,1998Wake, NC
David FlanaganRuth TaylorMay 20,1956Wake, NC
Michael FlanaganNorma NaumannSeptember 13,1965Wake, NC
James FlanaganJudith ObrienNovember 7,1968Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Flanagan

878th: Forbes879th: Lyon
880th: Haney881st: O'Neil
882nd: Riddle883rd: Shoemaker
884th: Bray885th: Goff
886th: Delaney887th: Welsh

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